About Scorpion Gourmet Hot Sauce

Scorpion Gourmet Hot Sauce originated from humble beginnings in Guyana, South America.  The founder of Scorpion began growing scotch bonnet peppers at the tender age of 10 in his grandfather's ("Scorpion") garden.  Freshness and boldness have been an integral part of this recipe since the beginning.  At an early age, he became recognized for his ability to grow and produce the tastiest, most piquant peppers.

Fifty years later, this founder continues his passion to groom his lush organic garden that produces the selection of hot peppers that gives Scorpion it's pure, natural origin.  His reputation has followed him and he has gained recognition among gardening friends for growing exotic peppers.  The results of his labor is evidenced by the abundant harvest of the purest species of peppers.  The climate of North Texas provides a perfect environment for growing peppers.  The combination of sultry, summer days of brilliant sunshine and a rainfall level that forces the peppers to struggle a bit, produced the tastiest ingredients for Scorpion Gourmet Hot Sauce year after year.

"The taste of my ingredients are delicious and pure because I do not use any artificial chemicals in the entire process of growing my peppers.  Even the simple things like my soil comes from natural compost that is not chemically enhanced."  The ingredients currently used in Scorpion Gourmet Hot Sauce continue to be hand-selected to ensure freshness and flavor is not sacrificed.  His favorite pepper in the Scorpion blend is the Caribbean Scotch Bonnet which has a distinct earthly flavor.  The Scotch Bonnet pushes the Scoville scale at 100,000 - 350,000 units; about 50 times more intense than the common Jalapeno.

For over 30 years, he has harvested organically grown Scotch Bonnet peppers and has bottled his sauce at home for family and friends.  Year after year, he has refined Scorpion Gourmet Hot Sauce enhancing its flavor and increasing its popularity.  His friends encouraged him to share his secret sauce with gourmets everywhere and is now transforming and refining Scorpion from a family tradition into a reputable brand. 

Scorpion Gourmet Hot Sauce is a careful blend of organic ingredients that brings a flavorful, tasteful, and hot dimension to many types of cuisine; Scorpion complements American, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese and many more.  What makes this sauce even more remarkable is that this blend is gluten-free, peanut free, vegetarian, and organic.  

We hope you enjoy the new distinctive blend of Scorpion Hot Sauce and allow your taste buds to be amazed!

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